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At Tality Kombucha, our goal is simple: Make really good kombucha. That's number one. But you know what else we love to do while doing that? Getting involved in the community, and being environmentally sustainable. Here’s how we stick close to these values.



We’re real people, using real ingredients to make the best kombucha out there. Our ‘booch only uses organic tea, cane sugar, and fruits, roots, or herbs - no concentrates, or artificial anything, or sweeteners, or pasteurization of any kind. This means that every one of our bottles is vibrantly alive and authentically brewed. You just can't get the best taste profile without being real.



We’re all about adding value and working together with our local community. We've done custom flavours for local cafe's, breweries and regularly take part in events that support the environment or community with partners like Patagonia.



Brewing out of the North Shore, we’re always a hop away from a BC adventure - whether it’s going for a hike in the mountains, or

having a great time by the lake. To respect and protect the planet, we’ve designed our practices to be as  environmentally

responsible as we can be.

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