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One sunny summer day, my friend and I had just finished climbing the Apron on the Chief and descended to meet our friend, Matt, on his boat docked at Horseshoe Bay. Upon arrival, we were presented warm beers. Politely, I turned down the offer, being allergic to alcohol. Matt puts the beer bottle away and reaches into a cupboard under the sink, and pulls out another warm glass amber bottle, but with no label. I pried open the crown cap and it fizzed all over. The beverage erupted, prompting me to swiftly gulp the overflow of foam to control the mess. The erupting foam carried spongy stringy bits and strawberry chunks that floated into my mouth. It was unexpected, bubbly, tangy, a bit smelly, and oddly refreshing. I loved it. 

That was my first experience with kombucha. I started brewing it for myself soon after, and not long after that I wrote a business plan for school - I was a commerce student at UBC at the time. 

I wanted to do two things: 1) brew the very best kombucha possible, and 2) create something that adds value to the local community.
I wanted our kombucha to be the beverage you grab that gives you that feeling I had on that boat all those years ago - less the panicked eruption and unexpected floaty bits. To be content with what's around you, with warm fingers on cold glass. To be proud of your community's very own. That good for you, includes you, is what it is feeling.

So I pursued this small brew operation while finishing my degree at UBC, and eventually graduated and expanded the operation into our brew facility here on the North Shore. We are now a small team dedicated to brewing bomber booch.

Hope you enjoy our kombucha!

- Peter


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