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U-Brew Kombucha Course Cohort #1

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The first of it's kind (almost) all-inclusive collective kombucha brewing experience in Vancouver.

A guided 3-week course with 3 in-person lessons on how to brew your own kombucha.

Join as an individual or couple, and brew up to 10L of your very own kombucha in our North Vancouver brewery.

Leave the course with knowledge, friendships, and up to 24 bottles of your very own kombucha flavour creations.


Fermentation Kickoff - Saturday, April 1st, 1-4pm

Flavouring Extravaganza - Saturday, April 15th 1-4pm

Bottling Day - Saturday, April 22nd 1-4pm

What's included:

  • All fermentation equipment
  • Organic black or green tea
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Glass bottles
  • Mason jar to take home starter culture
  • Cleaning & sanitizing agents
  • Expert guidance and resources
  • Safety equipment

We will also be giving everyone the option to bring their own teas, sugars, bottles, fermentation vessels, etc, if they prefer.

Not Included:

  • Flavouring ingredients
  • Labels

More information like what to bring to each day, and how to choose such and such, will be provided in follow-up emails throughout the course.

Because this is our first ever cohort, we are offering a 20% discount on the usual price!

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