12-pack Jasmine Yuzu

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We are always experimenting with new flavours. We try to keep them seasonal, fun, and just as delicious as our classics. We make a few batches, then it's sold until it's gone! Typically a flavour will stay in stock for 1-3 months.

Current flavour: Jasmine Yuzu

We set out on a quest to create this flavour, starting by bringing in this phenomenal jasmine dragon pearl green tea. Except the farm we sourced yuzu from had flooded and we lost our entire yuzu order. Our batch was fermenting and we were hooped.

Until, we met Takuya Hikita

This man was able to win us freshly flown in yuzu from Japan at a YVR auction. Each of these yuzu fruits, ended up costing us about $9 per fruit.

We debuted it at Canada’s largest organic food and beverage tradeshow and buyers from big chains absolutely loved it.

This might be your only change to try real yuzu fermented kombucha in Vancouver, like no one else is going to do this, so I highly encourage you to try a case while you can!

  • Canada's first B-Corp kombucha
  • 1% For the Planet
  • Produced in a HACCP verified facility
  • Stone paper labels
  • All natural ingredients
  • 28+ day fermentation
  • Never diluted
  • No sugar added post fermentation
  • Temperature controlled fermentation
  • Oxygen controlled fermentation
  • Brewed on the North Shore
  • Comes in 330ml bottles

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