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I won't be lonely with you.

After Zhongji Li tidied up all this he saw that she was sleeping soundly so he drove to his parents to pick up the fat ball Zhong and his wife were both at home at this time The fat ball smelled his breath far away and was already lying by the door "Click to open the door" Woof woof! A ball called out excitedly Li Wanqing "Are you back" Zhong Ji Li "Yes" "Why where is Sheng Yu" "She was a little sick and resting at home" Li Wanqing "Young people should be restrained Sheng Yu's health is not over yet You can't torment others like this" Zhong Ji Li rarely blushed "without mom where do you want to go" Li Wanqing a pair of "I understand you don't explain" expression Zhongji Li has been unable to Tucao you can think what you like Zhong Tianxiong sat on the leather sofa at home and Zhong Ji Li shouted "Dad" Zhong Tianxiong "Well now that I've got him back I'll take the time to get the certificate" You're not young It's time to start a family Zhong Ji Li "Yes I know" When Zhong Ji Li took the fat ball back Mu Sheng Yu had not yet woken up He made some dog food for the fat ball and then went to the kitchen to cook some porridge Finally Mu Shengyu was licked awake by something hairy Fat Ball has been more than half a year although he is still an Alaskan puppy physically but in reality the height has grown to the position of Zhongji Li's thigh After the fat ball happily ate the dog food he ran upstairs and ran into Zhongji Li's bedroom As soon Computer Hardware & Software as he entered the house he smelled the smell of the rain but he was too hungry For dogs satiety was the first thing His bed was not very high and the fat ball could see the sleeping mother dog on the bed at a glance but he didn't have the courage to climb into the bed so he had to arch her exposed hand with his head and then he licked it when he was not satisfied Mu Shengyu was awakened and opened his eyes to see the black white and gray dog's head for a few seconds A minute later she regained consciousness "Fat Ball" "Wang!"! Woof !” She reached out and rubbed his head thinking "This puppy has grown so big in a few months" As soon as Zhongji Li had finished cooking the porridge he saw one big and one small coming down the stairwell Did the fat ball wake you up Seeing that he was looking at a certain Alaska with a slightly dangerous look in his eyes she reflexively turned her eyes down to the left from the standpoint of protecting her cub No ” Zhong Ji Li already had the answer in his heart "It seems that we should close the door of the room in the future" I cooked so drink porridge quietly but she only


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