This is the same write-up as for the Tality Kombucha Hoodie. The only difference between the hoodie and these overalls is that we need at least 12 pre-orders for these overalls to go through. I think these would be so cool.




Hey guys this is Peter, Tality Kombucha founder speaking:


We are doing merch a bit differently. We are getting high quality, functional gear and charging at our printing cost. Our printing cost is so high because of the high quality gear we are sourcing and low print runs.


So, most of the time branded merch is just a really generic piece of clothing that gets screen printed for really cheap. If we wanted to, we could get shirts for less than $5 a piece, or hoodies for $25, then try to sell them at double or triple the price.  But most of the time the clothing would be relatively poor quality, the fit would be off, and it would turn into pajama wear after a few washes. That didn't really vibe with us.


So, we're getting Carhartt clothing (one of the most durable and high quality work wear brands available) and embroidering (better quality than screen printing) our designs onto them. The idea is that we're creating merch you actually want to use, wear, and show off. We're also looking to kit out our driver and production staff, with functional work wear. I don't think anyone wants a wornout, thin hoodie with a faded screen print anymore. 


And instead of trying to make a profit on this, we are charging all merch at cost. It will literally cost us $167.67 per overall after bulk discount to get this quality of overall with this quality of embroidery and design. 


At $167.67 per overall we need some help financing the order. We are only going to go through with our overall order if we get 10 pre-orders by April 16th. So from now until April 16th 11:59pm, you can request a full refund if you change your mind. 


I'll also add, we're going to guarantee that you pay our print cost or less if you pre-order. If we end up blowing up our pre-orders and we can finance a larger print order to reduce unit cost, you'll get a partial refund to make sure you're only paying our final print cost.  


At the end of the day, I just really want to make some sweet merch for Tality Kombucha, but do a really good job with it. After all that is kind of what Tality Kombucha is all about. Sure, we could cut a lot of corners and produce kombucha cheaply, but that's just not what we're about and I think that should transcend into our merch philosophy as well. I really believe our hoodies are going to be super cool with the quality of the Carhartt sweater and embroidered designs. So I hope we can get the pre-orders to fund this merch project!!!


Thanks for reading all, 




P.S Carhartt sizes big. If in doubt, size down.


ETA: Beginning of May!

Tality Kombucha Men's Bib Overall


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