Start your own kombucha home brew adventures!


We are sharing the unique strains of bacteria and yeast that turn tea into the elixir of life - kombucha! 


We have grown little SCOBY's in 500ml glass jars in sanitary conditions. The starter liquid is very acidic, bacteria dominant, and has never been refrigerated or tampered with. The 500ml jar is ready to be inoculated into a bigger batch of sweet tea so it can get to work. 


We suggest emptying the entire 500ml jar and all of its glorious contents (SCOBY and strands included) in no more than 2 litres of room temperature sweet tea. 


There is lots of information available online about how to brew kombucha. Some is good and some is bad, so use your discretion. Overall, Kombucha Kamp is a relatively reliable source of homebrewing information. 


We're first and foremost kombucha brewers, but we are interested in releasing more brewing informational type content to help you in your homebrewing adventures, so make sure to follow us on Instagram to get our pointers. 


For now, here is a very healthy SCOBY, take it and embark on your own brewing adventures!


*We do not touch your SCOBY with our fingers this was just our model SCOBY :)


  • You will receive it in a closed 500ml glass mason jar.

    It is very important that upon reciept, you open the mason jar, and fix your own breathable cloth tightly around the mouth of the jar if you are not using the contents immediately. The fabric should be breathable but not allow fruit flies into the jar. 

    We do not recomend refrigerating the culture for later use. It is best to use the SCOBY & liquid within 2 weeks of receiving. It may continue to grow during that time. 

    It is important to handle the contents in sanitary conditions to prevent infections, mold, and off flavour developments.