Every now and then we accumulate bottles that we cannot resell for one reason or another. We call these "off" bottles.


Sometimes our bottles break in transit and Purolator leaves the case in their warehouse for a week before sending it back. 


Other times we forget about bottles hidden in the fridge or forget about them in the van or elsewhere for too long. 


Another potential cause is bottling errors, like improper label application. 


Then there's the on-going shelf testing process which leaves loose bottles of different ages.


Anyhow, they are bottles that we do not feel comfortable re-selling at full price but would hate to see go to waste. 


They are safe to drink but their taste profiles may differ from bottle to bottle. 


They may exceed the best before date soon. Note the best before date is only a guide, and if unopened our kombucha may last years or more before becoming unsafe to drink. The flavour profile will change over time however.


Unfortunately you cannot choose your flavour selection. 

Mixed Case -"Off" Bottles

330 Milliliters