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Tsawwassen, BC


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Peter Chen

Hey! I am the founder of Tality Kombucha and I decided to include myself on the athlete ambassador roster for fun. I was born in 1995, grew up in Tsawwassen by the beach, studied commerce at UBC, and started this kombucha business in my third year at school in 2017. Throughout it all, I've had the privilege of having memorable life experiences based around sport and passion. It's low-key kind of my dream for this kombucha operation to take off so I can go spend my days climbing, playing chess, hanging out with my dog Luna, or whatever. Until then I'm pretty happy being a weekday brew hustler, weekend warrior.


  • Won the 2013 Tiger Balm Internationals Tournament in Pankration (MMA)

  • Sent two V8's in one Squamish night session after a long day hustling booch sales

  • Achieved a chess rapid ELO rating of 1321 on Add me! chess_lad123

Favourite Meal

Anything my mom cooks when I visit for dinner

Favourite Kombucha Flavour

Cherry Vanilla was the GOAT. With our current recipe of using one million dollars worth of vanilla beans per batch, it costs way to much to produce to keep it around as a staple SKU, but I'm looking into options. 

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