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David Arrigo

Vancouver, BC


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David Arrigo

I have been an avid climber since 2017 when I was first invited to the Hive North Shore. Since then I've spent so many hours both working and climbing in that gym that the climbing community feels like my second family. Training and climbing have become the main ways that I de-stress, and nothing matches the feeling of topping out a boulder (aka pebble) in Squamish! My goal is to find sustainable solutions to the environmental issues plaguing the tourism industry. Travelling is one of the best ways to foster global compassion and understanding, but we all need to mitigate our impacts and protect the destinations that we choose to visit. I can’t wait to climb hard boulders (and maybe even a couple of sport routes) all around the world. Climbing trips are tiring, so I’ll need to eat lots of plants and drink tons of kombucha to fuel me along the way!


  • Climbing V9/7C outdoors

  • Completing my Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Management

  • Visiting 13 countries (so far)!

Favourite Meal

A fully loaded Falafel Donair

Favourite Kombucha Flavour


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