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Vancouver, BC


Sam Chow

Hey guys, I'm Sam and I'm a climbing addict. I fell in love with the sport while I was traveling Asia. I was in Ton Sai, Thailand and signed up for a day outing deep water soloing. After climbing high up the limestone rocks over the ocean and jumping from the top of the cliff trying to avoid the stinging jelly fishes, I knew I needed more of this in my life! That was in 2015 and I've been breathing climbing ever since. I thrive on pushing myself and get stoked when I see others trying hard. I think it's really sick whether someone is climbing V0 to V16 if they are trying hard and giving it their all, THAT's the most inspiring! 


  • Built a guitar

  • Have a degree in Engineering

  • Working hard enough to be able to climb V11's and 5.13's

Favourite Meal


Favourite Kombucha Flavour

Ginger or any of the seasonal flavours

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